How To Be The World’s Local Guy


 How to be a World's local guy

Do you remember the famous bank ad campaign …”the world’s local bank”.

It’s funny … How someone can be a world’s local? But why belong to a specific place.  After all, we’re part of the same planet right?

In the digital world there are no frontiers, so why the physical world is increasingly wired. Walls bring disconnection. Even more, the walls you create in your head.

This is a globalised world, things connect with each other and I’m not talking about power plugs.

I’ve lived in many different places and I’ve never felt like an outsider. The world is more welcoming than you think. Locals invite you to their houses, you become part of their families. You taste different food, you embrace different codes it’s all part of the fun.

Of-course you have to be open.  But if you feel part of the community  foreign lands won’t exist for you.

Some people would say…. I love my fish and chips! No-one tells you no to love them. In fact,  your lust for burgers doesn’t mean you can’t  love pizza. You can have them both.

Life is big, so why limit yourself.

Don’t miss out the amazing things the world has to offer.

There are many towns to discover,  many things to taste and  many people to meet.

And guess what …your  next karaoke bar can be as exciting as your home-town favourite pub … and NEVER foreign because you’re the world’s local guy.


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