Why I don’t go to women’s march


wome'sn march


Yesterday was women’s march. Women got together across mayor cities to express their discontent.

A day later the American president took his oath, million of women took the streets to protest.

Good for them, to be honest it’s been some time since I don’t go to demonstrations.

I used to go, I protested against the war, student cuts, health care cuts and all the cuts I could possible think of.  And nothing happened, the government carried on with their measures, protesters went back to their daily lives. The message vanished from collective memory.

While I think demonstrating is a very valid way of telling leaders you don’t agree with them, there are very few chances you voice is being heard. Besides, why wait for a fascist president to take over to vocalise your anger, the system was rotten long before that clown took charge of the show.

Fellow women, you see the picture above, those were suffragettes protesting on the streets of London in 1912. Although, they did secure women’s right to vote, their gains benefited only middle class white women.  They forgot to mention the colonies and thousands of other women whom rights were suppressed in the most violent ways.

Back in the 60’s  Betty Friedan wrote the Feminine Mystique, her ideas sparked a second wave of American Feminism. Unfortunately,  in this book she talks about the things wrong within her white middle class environment. She said nothing about African-American or  indigenous women, who had to face double stigma first for being a woman, then for being non-white.

Yesterday,  I read on signs ” rights for women are rights for all”. This is a step forward in this long way to freedom. But let’s not forget our fellow women who at this very moment are being exploited  in South Asian or Latin American factories. Let’s include those women whom have made the Top Shop t-shirts, H and M, BHS, and many more pieces of clothing  you’re wearing in the march.

Those women also deserve freedom and equality not against their male counterparts but from the white western machine.

Or better let’s protest against the tragic fate our fellow women from Syria have to go through stuck somewhere in between Europe seeing their babies die.

Let’s reclaim the rights of those girls making the I phone in China, those women are working for 14 hours in appealing conditions you probably have used an I phone to film your women’s march.

Apple doesn’t pay taxes let alone give a damn about women. Why we can’t see the whole picture? maybe the truth brings some kind of discomfort.

Listen I don’t want to complain, I don’t have a magic solution, but clearly there is a problem with our way of thinking.  We cannot fight for the rights of a few without acknowledging the rest of us.

Yes let’s fight for freedom but real freedom for all of us not the privileged few.


women's march