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Women Who Code


The tech industry is ever evolving which means more people will need to fill certain jobs. Luckily, women  are helping other women to learn code.

Few organisations champion diversity in tech. Simple idea, sadly the gender gap still remains a huge issue in the tech industry.

The good news is organisations like these are working hard to bring women into tech.


5 Meet Ups for Women Who Want to Learn Code:


WomenWhoCode: is an international non-profit organisation lunched in 2011 with the idea of supporting women into a career in tech. The benefits are priceless.

They have a job board with the latest offering in all things tech, international meet-ups to foster community building, career developing  programs, grants and open sources to learn from.

The section I liked the most is the Network Finder, you can type your city and find a tech meet-up near you. Resources have beginners coding guides, java tutorials, html, css and so on.

There is also a blog where women tell their journey to become developers, all the facets they went through, and how they built a career in tech. I'm so pleased to read success stories and how they integrate in the tech industry.


BlackGirlsCode: this site has the purpose of helping African-American girls " learn the skills to compete into the tech industry". This site main objective is getting youth to learn computing programming.

They organise numerous events through the year from learning to build apps, making websites to the latest tricks on games developing. There is job board and an apparel section as well.

This site is for young girls looking to expand their coding skills.

LadiesLearningCode: is a non-profit organisation based in Canada that teaches women and girls how to code. Their mission is to encourage women to build stuff. So instead of being "passive consumers they make things" and build successful careers as a result.

They also have workshops for kids and males. But their main demographics is women. You don't need previous experience as long as you know how to use a computer. They teach from scratch all you need to know to about code.

CodeFirstGirls:  based in the UK, their idea is bringing coding to girls all around the country. They have workshops, events, job boards and plenty of resources to get to know what is going on in your community.

They run partner programs with corporations and communities to create opportunities for talented women, regradless their economic and social background.

RailsGirlsBerlin: Rails Berlin runs workshops, conferences, and events. On this site you can read many success stories of women who were unhappy with their jobs and decided to give coding a go. This is so stimulating, you can see the environment they are fostering from cake and code days to laid back community meet ups. They even help you find someone to look after your kids in case you have the enthusiasm but not the resources to start. Pretty cool he!

Of course there are more meet-ups all over the world, after seeing this hopefully you'll find the courage to learn.  All women say the same thing, you don't need a degree in computer science to get started.

They learned coding from the very basics without any previous knowledge or experience.

I hope this helps, if you have any advise or personal story drop me few lines in the comments section bellow.

Made with love xx


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