Why We Love Minimalist Web Design

minimalist webdesign


In order to have a cool minimalist website you should get rid of  the unnecessary  stuff and leave few essentials.  Quite often, we add stuff  in order to give users plenty of choices, but we don’t realise less is more. It sounds like a cliché but keeping things simple is hard. Websites have multiple functions. A blogger may want to inform and sell products, a restaurant wants to show the menu and provide customers an easy way to reserve tables, an e-commerce site not only wants to sell it also wants to educate its customers. So keeping things simple is not always an easy thing to do.

Besides, a single template can’t fit all the demands, that’s why WordPress offers thousands of templates. These days the options are pretty big. But again a simple website makes a bigger impact. Anyone entering a website should  have a clear idea of what the site is about the first few seconds of entering. Cluttered layouts are hard to navigate and can overwhelm visitors. By contrary,  a minimalist design apart of looking stylish, prioritises functionality over excessive information.

And as minimalism becomes more and more  popular in many areas- photography, fashion and design-  creative directors seem to embrace the concept of “less is more” . Visually speaking a message has more weight when is concise and to the point. For instance, a minimal ad says more when all the useless decoration have been taken away. It’s about the economy of style, a design has few seconds to impress so better make something bold and easy to remember.

                       Why We love Minimalist Web Design

Easy to Navigate: visitors can click on certain functions without having to think too much about it. The whole navigation is intuitive and pain free. Don’t forget  if a visitor finds the website too cluttered you may risk losing a potential customer.

Visually appealing: a minimalist website is more stylish , there is some kind of beauty in simplicity. Besides, a clear design will stay longer in the visitor’s mind.

Responsive Design: websites have to adapt to any screen size, these days people use different devises to surf online. So a  minimalist website will show all the elements  in a nice way regardless the screen size.

Fast: since a minimal website has few elements it won’t take ages to upload. The chances of getting bugs  or broken links are also minimal. A minimalist website is easier to maintain.

                            10 Best Minimalist Websites

There are many examples on how to deliver a cool message with few elements. Here, I have selected 10 websites that use a minimal layout. Let’s take a look.

Timothy Saccenti

This website uses full width photos to stand out, the slide show is simple but appealing and there is a little navigation at the top.


minimalist web design


This is the website of an architecture studio, the mages are simple and monochrome, so the  main idea here is to highlight what the studio does.
minimalist web design


This is an e-commerce website for bad ass guys. The photo is full width and the navigation menu at the top is very simple. The picture at the front says it all.

minimalist web design

North East

This is also an online shop for arts and design gifts, here the navigation is made of few words and the book in the centre of the website makes you want to find out more.

minimalist web design

Simon Phipps

This is a photographer website, the name in the middle is clear and bold. The rest of his work is available through his social media channels.

minimalist web design

Andrew Mccarthy

Andrew is a digital designer/ developer based in Berlin, his website combines minimalism with a top-notch user interface.


minimalist web design

Another Pony

This is a creative studio website, the typography is light and it works well with the soft background. Also the colour combination is very subtle and the letters, like a game make the design more fun.

minimalist web design

Tim Brack

Tim is an Art Director, the typography on the front lets the visitor know exactly what he does, the paragraph goes straight to the point.

minimalist web design

Nua Bikes

This is an e-commerce website that specialises in selling bicycles. The idea of displaying the bikes in the and the details are on both sides of the page, makes the design a lot more interesting.

minimalist web design


Send a Message

This website is so hilarious, it allows to send personalised messages to your friends with just few clicks. The hand in the middle delivers the message. This site was made by Wild agency.

minimalist web design


Minimalist websites have great concepts behind, yet, the main idea is to keep the essentials and strip the website of unnecessary elements. We have seen here how typography and photography are some of the key elements of design, but again the possibilities are endless. In design, is all about mixing and never get scared of trying new things.

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