What is passion?


what is passion?


Girl let’s talk for a sec, can we be honest? I’ve to tell you something.

This is a bit personal, but it may help.

Plenty of self-development gurus will tell you follow your passion, and you wonder what does it mean?

This can be a bit confusing. If you love pizza,  following your passion means to open a pizza shop?  Maybe you think you haven’t got a passion or you got a passion but don’t want to turn it into a profit. You don’t have to make a commercial machine of every hobby.

There is so much confusion with the advise out there. You can follow your passion, but this is not enough to success in today’s world. In the same way you can do something completely off-you range and it turns out to be the best decision of your life.

The “follow your passion” myth is just that a myth. Besides, in a lifetime you can love many different things so what’s passion?

Passion is a drive for something, but don’t confuse passion with guts. Passion is the force you suppose to live by the rest of your life. Gut feeling means that project is going to work or not.

I’m not a self-development guru but I’d say follow your instinct, is the best way to know if you’re into something.

You want to know if the next project is going to be successful, listen to your instinct, the gut feeling.  I know it sounds a bit of  a cliché, but instincts are 90% of the times right.

You may fall, you’ve to be comfortable with that. Not every gut felling opens the clarity box. But hey you fall stand up and carry on. This is life!

Say you studied History but for some reason your instinct is telling you to make apps. Fine, who said you have to follow your uni subjects for the rest of your life?

Besides, the percentage of people who don’t follow their career choice is higher than those who do.

What’s more, all of us are good at many things, some stuff we’re not even aware of. I’d say  keep exploring passion tends to fade away, passion also keeps evolving, mixing,blending, transforming, nothing is static.

I started as a photographer, then carried on making websites, and now I’m learning how to write a good copy. I’ve followed my passion 100% of the time, nope pretty much I made my own cocktail.

Mix your drink, is the only way to get the shot you and nobody else enjoy.


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