Thinking about planning your social media posts, Buffer or Hootsuite?


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Have you ever wonder how nice it would be to automize your daily tasks? Imagine pressing a button, so  things start to roll the way you want for as long as you want.

Social media automation can save you time to do things that matter. I’m not saying that social media can consume all your time, although it does for some people. Yet, as you get busy, you’ll need to rely on certain tools to free your time.

Remember, time is your precious asset so who wouldn’t want something that makes things pain-free?

Buffer and Hootsuite are those tools, I’ve to say, it took me a while to give it a try. I didn’t think social media tools were kind of important. Now I can confirm, this is way easier, not only takes a heavy weigh off your shoulders, but  it also helps you to organise your workload a week ahead. The posts go live on schedule and you can focus on other tasks. Freedom is all we want.

The question is…. which service to choose?

Buffer and Hootsuite on the surface both offer the same service,  you may ask which service works for me? let’s take a closer look.

Hootsuite Free Plan

Main Features: The free plan allows you to use analytics on your posts and share content from other sources. You can also run contests and integrate other apps into your profile, plus manage  3 social profiles. They have webinars, blogs and a library to learn the basics of social media marketing.

The most interesting feature is that you can create campaigns to generate leads, this is great to increase followers and drive traffic into your site.



Value: this service is perfect for bloggers, businesses and entrepreneurs who want to develop a strong social media presence. There is plenty of room to experiment and tools to help you find what works  in your marketing strategy.

Next Level Plan: This gets a bit confusing, of course you have more options with this plan. They charge £7.99 per month if you buy the annual combo, otherwise the monthly fee is £11.99. Don’t forget to read the small letters.

 Main Features: the key feature is the free 30 day trial, campaigns have extra bibs and bobs like sign up forms and the option of building micro-sites. You can use up to 10 profiles and unlimited RSS integrations. In addition, they offer life support and you can include 150 + apps into your dashboard.

Value: is quite good for small business, big media sites and startups who want to escalate their business. Also vary practical for bloggers looking to increase their leads through promotions or give- aways.

Buffer Free Plan

Main Features: you can use 5 profiles and there is the option of sharing content from other sources. You have your own analytics report to help you see which posts are most popular. They have something curious, Pablo which I thought was for paying customers, but is free. Pablo is a graphic option which allows you to select images and write something over. Lay your favourite phrases or ideas and send them straight to your social media.



Value: Buffer as well as Hootsuite has a blog to read the latest news, video tutorials and many resources to help you get your social media to the next level. Its easy and intuitive, plus you can re-buffer previous posts.

They have a help centre to clear all your doubts. This a good way to start to get more serious with your social media marketing. Perfect for bloggers, small business and entrepreneurs.

 Next Level Plan

Main Features: This is pretty straightforward the next plan costs $10 per month, there are not strings attached you can cancel your contract at any time.  With this plan you can use up to 10 social media profiles and 100 posts.  I have to show you this, they have a graphic describing where the money goes, which I think is pretty cool.


Value: Its incredible valuable for advance bloggers and business. Besides, the flat rate means you don’t need to worry about small letters in you contract, these guys take transparency very serious.


We have seen both services have the same features and different extras to help you experiment. They are very easy to use, and definitively  will help you increase followers and drive customers to your website.

Hootsuite extra feature is the option of building campaigns. Buffer main star is Pablo, an excellent way to integrate pics in your posts. Hootsuite free option lets you run 3 profiles, Buffer free option allows 5 social media profiles.

Both services help you see how your audience engage with your posts, giving  real time analytics.  In addition, you can run amazing social media strategies and visualise your content before it goes live.

Most important, these tools save you precious time to create things that matter. Breathe deep, technology is here to help you.