Thinking of going Freelance? Here my experience and where to start

Freelance work

Are you thinking about freelancing but don’t know where to start?

I’ll be brutally honest with you, when I first started freelancing the money wasn’t great. You’ll want to run away and never come back.  Luckily, if you keep going at some point you see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not easy, but it’s another way to increase your monthly income.

Few advantages of working freelance, you can choose the projects, it’s flexible, meaning you can work around other commitments and you don’t have to commute to work! The down side is the ups and downs on number of projects, payments can be a bit slow, and many gigs don’t pay enough.

If you still want to give it a try few sites can help you speed up the process. Something to bear in mind there are many people applying for the same gig,  good reputation takes time to build, persistence here is crucial.

Freelancer: this is the site for newbies freelancers, everything gathers here and when I say everything I mean it. Thousands of projects are posted every minute on the biggest freelancing platform. Take into account this is like the far west the good the bad and the ugly all in one place.

People Per hour: This site has a much simpler layout, you can customise your profile to get exposure, the messaging stream is very easy to use, you can clear your doubts before you apply for a project. The range of skills is vast, from content writer to web developer. In addition, they have their own payment system and invoicing which is simpler than Freelancer. Here also you can post hourly jobs to test the waters.

Upwork: the same style as PPH you can apply for projects that match your skills, the gateway payment is easy, customer experience is clean and simple for seller and buyer. Once your get good comments, you get higher in the ranking, so you can apply for better projects. This site as well as PPH has a team behind which does all the curating and filter spammy posts.

Fiverr: as the name indicates Fiverr is an easy and cheap way to earn few bucks.  You can customise your profile and make it more attractive for potential customers. The advantage is that you can increase the price offering  extra bibs. PayPal makes smooth payments and the range of skills is huge, from Facebook banners to copywriter. You think is time to monetise your talents, here is a good place to start.

Contently: this is a dream come true for freelancers. Here you can build your portfolio through a unique URL and apply for projects mainly online publications. The most curious thing about this site is that you get pay when you finish the assignment, so not waiting around for weeks to get pay. They also have a  section where you can estimate magazines rates for future pitches and plenty of resources to learn from.

Weliketowork: this is the only platform I haven’t tried. They meant to be for UK-based Freelancers. Their objective is to keep fair prices for freelancers and provide small business tailored services. Here you post your skills and instead of having to look for projects with your skills set, they send you work that matches your profile. We love them already!

Freelancing can help you take your skills to the next level while earning some money. The gig economy is not bad if both seller and buyer are clear about the project. Make sure you brush all the doubts out, before you say yes.

I’d recommend to keep trying different platforms, until you find the one that suits you best.

Don’t forget you’re a creative and your work has value.