The Magic Hour

The magic hour or golden hour in photography refers to roughly the hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. In between those times the sun, closer to the sky, produces a soft light that makes the subject more delicate and pleasant. This time is perfect for outdoor photography since you won’t need more equipment than your camera to shoot quality photos.

I know it sounds a bit of a cliche, probably you are visualising those twilight landscape pictures pointing at the horizon we have seen a million times, but anything could work with this light. Portraits taken during the magic hours are much more flattered, given the soft contrast between the foreground and the background. Still life photography looks perfect with the soft light coming through a window.

For many photographers soft natural light means good quality photos. Diffused light makes shadows softer than the harsh midday light. In addition, texture and depth of field are enhanced by the red/ yellowish palette.

Shooting times varies from season to season and your location. I would recommend  to allow some time before setting to shoot. Remember that you must observe the scene, play with the angles, think about composition and happy shooting!

Magic Hour 2


Magic Hour 5


Magic Hour 1


Magic Hour 4


Magic Hour 3