The Limitless Power of Creativity




Creativity is imagination beloved daughter. Imagination is the mother of creativity.

Creative thinking is the ability to come out with ideas. We humans have an immense creative power, this is what makes us unique.

Creativity is not only reserved for the artist though. We all have creative skills. What’s more, we use our creative skills in one way or another in our daily lives.

Think outside the box some would say. I would say think for yourself.

There are days in which  my creativity sucks. How to be creative when everything is at hand?

In the mist of this hyper-technological present, longing for something that is not yet invented sometimes seems ridiculous.

Still there are many things to say, to write, to design. We’ve amazing abilities to change things further. The world is in constant development. Then we should not relinquish in the pursuit of our  passions.

Elizabeth Gilbert puts it clear in her book Big Magic.

She talks about how we often deny ourselves the chance of  living a more creative life.

 And fear stays in the way.  This corrosive feeling is as old and universal as the world we inhabit.

She goes on describing the myth of being an artist and why is in us to find out what’s meaningful. Practice your craft not for the pursuit of glory she suggests, but  for the joy of doing something that is aligned with your passions.

Of course don’t give up your day job to live up of your passion just yet. Many people keep their 9 to 5 until the fruit of their talents starts to pay off. I have seen that with many writers, Gilbert herself kept her day job while writing her first books.

There are many examples of that, Murakami was still working in his bar before his writing career took off. Irvine Welsh wrote his famous Trainspotting while working in the property industry.

Gilbert excels in her advise, we creatives do it because we love what we’re doing, maybe we’ll never be famous, but we’re not here for that. We’re here to make what makes us happy and that has nothing to do with fame or money.

Here 3 main points I think are really important,

1- Be persistent: I guess this doesn’t need much explanation do it again and again and again at some point you know your style. You know what works and what doesn’t, and more important you know that piece is yours.

Persistence is key to build a body of work. There are times when it’s fun, you show up because you want to. Some other times  you don’t even know why you’re here. If you keep doing your craft those hard times your tenacity one day will pay off.

2-Trust: trust you guts and never leave the party.

“You made it, you get to put it out there. Never apologise for it, never explain it away, never be ashamed of it. You did your best with what you know, and you worked with what you had, in the time that you were given”.

This is about being happy with your work, beating perfection and self-doubt. You know your art. You know some people will be happy with that and some people won’t,  that is perfectly fine. Who said we have to please everyone?

3-Embrace your curiosity: Curiosity keeps us awake, curiosity makes ask questions, curiosity pushes us to achieve things we never thought we could , curiosity keeps us in a state of wonder, curiosity shows us hidden worlds.

Curiosity is what drives people forwards. Curiosity and experimentation go hand in hand.

To wrap this up, don’t let your fears undermine your passions, you only got one shot. Do what you love, for the pleasure of it. Trust in your gifts and never let fear run the show.