The Humanist

Human beings have shaped nations fate. Is only through them that a community defines its identity. Public buildings, parks and many street corners remind us of  historical figures. The person that fought battles and guided the people towards liberty, stands immortalised in the highest corner of the city. The town has to acknowledge its illustrious characters, collective memory  is a public affair. Whether for good or bad,  humans guiding other humans would only bring change. Besides, the human condition is celebrated, the humanist and his perpetual creative strength upon which any city lays its bases. Humans are the reason and the force for the city to exist. Their empowered their fellows, sharing their moral values. A human that is concerned with the rest, will  expand the community consciousness. The picture shows the back of the statue of Pau Claris, lawyer, clergyman and president of Catalonia from 1638 to 1641.