The Decisive Moment

Henry Cartier- Bresson coined the phrase the decisive moment, making reference to the fraction of a second in which the photographer makes use of all his creative abilities to shoot a photograph. The street photographer, has to be quick  in order to capture the magic of the moment before it`s gone forever. What´s more, the picture has to bring a sort of mood, the feeling of that instant. Street photography is about making quick decisions. Images are taken on the run, the hunting requires a lot of attention. Often,  images have the creative power of a painting, the three-dimensional look of a sculpture and the rhythm of a song. The streets are in constant movement, so the possibilities for image making are endless.The eye candy photographer do not hesitates in the making, anything is possible. Either to amuse or shock the viewer, street photography glows life. The following pictures have been taken in Spain, England and Mexico.