The Bold Lines Of Min Cooper




Min Copper, British illustrator from South London celebrates life through simple lines and bright colours. Her career started with an art course but it was life’ whereabouts that pushed her to face an art editor at The Guardian and landed her first job as illustrator.

Even though she holds a  degree in English literature,  she is happier drawing lines and creating vivid figures. She’s based in Worthing. Here a cosy gallery on a small passage, Field Row on Montague Street between 3 Phones and Superdrug welcomes locals and tourists alike.

The idea of making art accessible to the public is evident, postcards, posters, magnets and clothes pins are some of the items on display. Everything emanates a passion for life.

When I ask her to request the council for some kind of help for independent artists/ gallery owners I heard a sheer no. She admits filling applications in and out would distract her of the main purpose that is create. I’ve to say in overly distracted world, I find it very inspiring artists who stick to their purpose. This is the real end of any creative, create.






How did you start?

I was good at art and after some life challenges I went to see the art editor at The Guardian . My first freelance job was the beginning of many more for different news papers.

Colour or Monochrome?

Depend what you want to express, I like complex colours, build layers and mix them up.

What inspires you?

Life, ordinary things. I like to celebrate simple things we don’t normally pay attention to.

What are the best canvas and the best materials?

Digital print, basically the print process. I like to draw on the computer as the lines tend to be clear, solid and straightforward. I  often like to work with ink as the same principles of drawing on the computer apply.  Charcoal  is also a good material as is black and gives rich texture and shades.

What are you working on?

I’m working on jars, landscapes, although my latest big thing are posters. I like the fact there the colours are flat and the paper is kind of rough.




She opens from Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 5 pm. Thursdays up till Christmas late

openings at 7pm.