Survival Fashion

Let’s put this clear, I’ve never been a huge fun of camouflage, it’s not the colour palette that puts me off, but the concept behind it. Why I would wear camouflage?  Who I’m hiding from?

But the idea here is wider than a pair of green t-shirts and brown caps. Camouflage doesn’t always mean dressing for war or hiding in a hostile environment.

Said you are in a forest and want to take amazing photos of wild animals. Of course you wouldn’t want to risk being seen and ruin those natural portraits. From the photographer point of view good equipment, patience and appropriate clothing are paramount if you want to succeed in your mission.

Here at The Military Man on Brougham Road, Worthing they know what is best for you. Everything has the survival imprint on it. I ask the owner about his motivations and best-selling products.  He tells me that he has been in the army for 15 years and most of the stuff on sale have been tried by him; so he knows what he’s selling.  Besides, most of his products sell pretty well. The shop opened 5 years ago and keeps expanding. He was very busy, I only had few seconds to talk to him. I guess his passion and dedication is paying off.

I walk around and see many tools not only for the experienced intrepid but also for those beginners going camping for the very first time. And to be honest, having a piece of survival equipment seems quite useful, you never know when you’ll need it. Some stuff would help in any jungle, even the concrete one.