Surreal Visions: Chema Madoz

Chema Madoz

Chema Madoz is a Spanish surreal photographer. Born in 1958 Madrid, he studied Art History at Madrid Complutense  University between 1980 and 1983. His mind blowing creations depict unpredictable scenarios within minimalist settings.

He focuses on the concept before the aesthetics and for some reason we are drawn to his world.  Madoz uses photography as a way of communicating an idea. The images are always in Black and White, pushing the viewers to make their own interpretation. Ambiguity and certainty blend together in each composition.

Familiar objects are made of unusual materials. Things that don’t belong there, suddenly become part of it.  What’s more, the careful use of lighting intensifies a dream like feeling. Everything looks strange but familiar, like those dreams we can’t help but recall.


Chema Madoz 6




Chema Madoz 5


Chema Madoz 3


Chema Madoz 1


Chema Madoz 2


Chema Madoz 4