Write for Us


We are specially interested in articles about tech, productivity, WordPress, culture and general digital stuff.

General Rules:

As much as I hate rules, there are quite few things you need to check before sending your stuff over.

Decent English: We know you’re not Hemingway neither do I, so get to the point and don’t fluff.

Originality: Surprise us! Who needs another article on “How to increase followers on Facebook” the world is full of that. Please bring something different.

Unpublished: Articles must be unpublished, we reserve the rights to publish and distribute the content. Not like we are the British Library, but, we have to cover our backs.

Words: 600/1000 words will do fine.

Links: You can write 2/3 lines bio and 1 link to your site/small business/startup/blog whatever.

If you have an idea, but don’t know where to start shoot me an email we can work on the draft together. Seriously! I won’t bite: info@slitsight.com