Sites to Teach Yourself Code

places to teach yourself code


Code can be fun. Yeh don’t expect to be the new Zuckerberg with your first lines of code, but hey who said you have to be a Harvard drop out to learn code. I’m learning code by myself, in my own time and guess what? it’s not so scary as it seems.

Want to start but not sure where and how? or don’t know which sites teach code for free. I’ve good news for you, there are plenty of options to start to learn the basics of coding. You just need to sign up and you’re good to go.


Here I pull a list of the best websites to learn code from scratch


Treehouse: this website teaches the basics of code and web design. They have a monthly subscription of $25 or $49 and 7 days free trials to start with.

Each lesson comes with video tutorials and practical work, so you learn by doing. You’ll see the gamification of learning in all these sites. Here after each lesson you get badges and/or prizes that make more interesting the learning process.

Code School: you have to subscribe to a monthly plan either $19 or $29 p/month. I haven’t tried this site, but you can learn through video tutorials.

They also pull various exercises to make sure you’re ready to move to the next level. Some people find video tutorials more fun, it’s up to you how you learn.

Code Avengers: they have a free limited plan or a monthly subscription $29 where you have access to more lessons.

This site can be a bit overwhelming, but soon you learn to navigate around it. Not my favourite place to start learning code. But again its you who needs to decide, don’t like it? you can move to something else.

Codecademy: This is the site I’m using to learn code. The layout is pretty impressive. The screen is divided in three sections one for the lessons, another part for coding, and the on right section the actual website you can see right away how each line of code looks like.

Code languages are divided in mini categories, you can complete in your own time. Plus there are many languages you can learn I’m doing html and css but you can teach yourself java, rails or anything you want. The pro features have more interactive activities to learn from.

W3Schools: this is another cool site to learn code. You can read the basics and try for yourself in another mini screen, simple and fun. There are tons of coding languages on this site.

In addition, the explanations are very concise kind of  matter of fact on the basics of code. You can also get a certificate at the end of each programme which you can display in your desk, just kidding, but yeah you get the prof of your learning for future employment.


These are my top places to teach yourself code. Most sites have lessons for beginners. Having said that W3 Schools has more advance users in mind as well.

It’s entirely up to you which site you prefer. Video tutorials are very hot these days, if you enjoy sitting down and working on the screen and see the layout  right away maybe codecademy is a good choice.

My point is code doesn’t have to be scary, all these sites mentioned above are doing a good job in bringing code to the average user.

There are even apps that teach kids how to code, but this is a whole new post. For now I only want to tell you that is not that hard to learn code by yourself.


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