As I was writing about Ai Weiwei pulling out from two exhibitions in protest against Danish new law that would allow authorities to confiscate refugees, I decided to unite to the protest and I posted this picture on Twitter. Unfortunately, things continued to go wrong for refugees and  Europe officially closed its doors. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the human cost of our decisions, whether as individuals or as a community. Likewise, it’s hard to think that some day something could go wrong and we could be on the other side of the fence.

In many societies, the wealthy raise their walls and built ingenious systems, so hermetic  almost impossible to penetrate. The fear of the “other” instigates those indoor  jails, with pretty views and parking space but still jails.  Accordingly, the “other” is always confabulating, planning to strip away our dreams and tear the community apart. Nothing, more suspicious than someone “different” according to the mainstream media. Dubious “leaders” arise, with absurd rhetoric and even more outrageous press coverage. Lousy claws don’t make anyone laugh. There is a world of separation, money and gun power, that world doesn’t understand real people, real struggles. That world worships flags, borders and it’s based on fear in order to perpetuate it’s ideology. It’s constructed over the idea that certain groups are better than others. It promotes violence in all its forms.

In the picture, I refuse to see that world.