Pop Latino: Marcos Lopez

Every popular culture has its own icons. Heroes and heroines stay forever present in the collective memory. Colourful kitsch pop out in every street market and city window to make sure you don’t forget. Old time singers, political figures, religious characters, actresses/ actors, TV shows’ winners and losers, queens, kings and their pets are every country most darlings.

In Latin America pop culture goes beyond those things. Popular culture is food, clothing, a way of speaking and certain neighbourhoods. Popular culture is the restaurant on the highway, the humble bars offering live music, the religious statues in a dusty street corner,  street markets selling ‟originalˮ goodies, the posters of a  half naked celebrity in the repair garage, the summer holidays in Mar del Plata, pizza and beer at 10:00 pm and cumbia or salsa after that.

I can’t think of a better photographer of popular culture than Marcos Lopez ; his staged photographs are like hyper real paintings. He shows popular symbols and events in full splendour. This master of colour, is the best observer of  his own culture. Not filters, you see what is actually going on the streets. He navigates neighbourhoods and characters and takes the time to recreate them in the studio.

Nothing is more colourful than the photographs of Marcos Lopez. The juice of Latin American life is immortalised in every photograph. You don’t have to go and look around, Marcos Lopez brings it all for you.