Is The Pomodoro Technique Right For You?

Pomodoro Technique


When I first heard about the Pomodoro technique I was a bit sceptical.

A 25 minutes time-frame seemed  too short, and the whole idea of  becoming the king of productivity was easier in theory, but a bit harder in practise.

As a creative I've been struggling with time management for a while, I know many of you have the same problem when it comes to schedule time for specific tasks.

Distractions keep popping out, making it difficult to focus in a single task. Right now, I'm shuffling the phone into my kitchen drawer, so not messages for the time being.

But what this technique is all about?  How it can help with our time managing?

The method is quite simple.  Set a timer to 25 minutes to do a task, if you think the task takes longer estimate how many 25 minutes slots you need.

Within this time keep your distractions at bay, only focus in what you're doing. You can block certain social media sites or simply put your phone away.

Take breaks in between, so you don't get too exhausted. Breaks allow you to refresh the mind.

Go for a walk, have a snack. whatever that helps to relax the mind.

Then go back the desk and continue with what you were doing .

Set another time slot for a different task if you wish.

The Pomodoro technique is a time management system that allows to get the most of your time.

It's not all about work, it's also about  being more efficient with your time, so you can enjoy  free time as well.

The idea is work smarter not harder.

Who can use Pomodoro? Everyone, this is for everyone struggling to get shit done. Its creator  Francesco Cirillo is a software developer/ productivity consultant based in Berlin. Francesco has been teaching people about this technique for years.

The Pomodoro technique is so popular. Seriously, many people are suing it, writers, software developers, business owners, students and teachers.


The method step by step:

1. Choose something you need to work on. It could be something you've been prolonging for a while or something that just came up today.

2.  Set 25 minutes to work on that task, keep distractions off sight, focus on that task only.

3. Work on the task for 25 minutes until the timer goes off.

4. You first task is done, congratulations!

5. Take a break to unplug the brain, allow yourself  some time to recharge batteries.

6. More pomodoros more breaks, it all depends on how big the task is.


Few Pomodoro technique apps: is a desktop app developed by Célio Cidral, free and open source. The idea is using the timer for uninterrupted tasks, you can set short or long breaks in between.

Clockwork Tomato: for android users, you can customise the look of the app, make priority lists, edit those lists and track your activity.

ClearFocus: it's also a timer app, you can set a task name and measure your improvements.

MarinaraTimer: this a website with various options- pomodoro, custom timer and kitchen timer-. Basically a desktop timer you can use right away.

 BeFocusedPro: for Apple users, you can sync this app with other apple devises. The principles are the same, you got few more options such as interactive notifications, statistics reports and the option of importing task lists from other devises.


Essentially the idea is the same, a timer which helps you track your work.


We all struggle with the same problems, wanting to accomplish many things in a reasonable period of time. So this technique is definitively worth a try.

There are tons of resources to guide you in the process:  books, audio books, those apps highlighted above and  e-books.

This website is a great place to start.


I hope this helps, leave a comment if you have any question.



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