Polaroid for the Nostalgics

Polaroids are not dead, the thick square style only reinvented itself. I still remember the countless birthday pictures my parents would take with a Polaroid. As a child I was amazed by the possibilities of the medium; seeing myself seconds after the shutter release was pressed was real magic. Back in those days digital gadgets were only a dream. Hence, having something instantaneous was kind of weird and magical at the same time. The Polaroid camera was a treasure, even today enthusiasts use it only for the sake of bringing that magic back.

These days digital cameras alongside mobiles phones give us plenty of options to immortalise treasure moments, but what about the square format?

Polaroid is still offering the square format through Polaroid Snap which is the modern version of the classic Polaroid, but with slightly different features. Polaroid Snap prints the picture in just few seconds, giving the option of adding filters to the images. It also comes with a memory card slot, embracing the digital world with these new features.

The new version is smaller than the traditional Polaroid, literally fits in a pocket. Besides, this modern design comes in 4 different colours, so you don’t get bored. Another interesting feature is that the picture comes out from the right side of the camera rather than underneath.

Polaroid is transforming and fully adapting to the times.  The Swing App, is another goody that makes editing pictures on your mobile phone extremely easy. You can play with your pics on the go thanks to this new app, and the results are amazing.

The world is changing but the good stuff remains the same.


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