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sell photos online

I've been thinking about the best sites to sell your photos. The question was... is ever possible to sell photos online? I tried a couple of times with not very good results, I guess you've to be consistent and download thousands of pictures per day.

Besides, there are plenty of images to choose from, you have to show something interesting outside the cliché sunset. But many people are making extra bucks selling their photos online, so maybe it works for you.

The downside is the commission these places take, you have to sell a large number of photos if you want to earn any money. I think this is why I lost interest.

Still, you want to give it a shoot why not?


                                                              10 top sites to sell your photos online


EyeEm: is an app you can download in your PC or smartphone. Very stylish, with an eye-catchy blog, and cool resources to connect publishers and photographers.

It works as any other social media platform, with the advantage your pics are seen by creative professionals looking for quality pictures. You have to download your best pics, although there are people selling their phone pics, still quality speaks for itself.

Who can sell there? Virtually everybody. You only need to be consistent and keep uploading photos every day.


Shutterstock: is an American photo agency selling photos, music, vectors, HD videos and illustrations. They have a huge database and they sell premium images through their sister site

Seaside pics, backgrounds, cityscapes, family’s portraits and food are some of the most popular photos.  You get $0.25 per image, if your content is on high demand you can earn a bit more.

Right now hot content is video.  Have you got a video camera?  It’s time to give it a go.

Who can sell there? Everyone, you don't need to be a professional photographer to sell there.


Photoshelter: is another photo agency helping photographers to sell their photos. To be honest I don't see the point, if you're a Photoshelter user please let me know the pros of this site.

For start you have to subscribe to their services starting point is $8.00 monthly fee (paid annually) or you could pay month by moth $9.99. On top of that they take a percentage of each photo you sell. You have 4GB cloud storage. Plus you can make a portfolio website using their tools.

Who can sell there?  Professionals and enthusiasts can sell their best pics there.


Getty Images: Getty Images is another photo agency which specialises in photography/stock images, music, videos, editorial content, illustrations and reportage.

They also cover specific assignments in different parts of the world. If you want to be a photo contributor you have to send examples of your work and wait for approval. Getty images is a global digital agency, again there are many layers of middle men here, and the chain is quite big bear that in mind.

Who can sell there? The site is aimed for professionals, although enthusiasts can join in assuming they get accepted.


Fotolia: is part of the Adobe family they have various plans for creatives, is very easy to set up. Here depends on the plan you subscribe to, earnings per sale go from 20% 33% to 63% of the total price.

The good news is creatives already working with Abobe may use Fotolia as their first option as they can sell directly to cloud users.

Who can sell there? Any creative using Adobe as well as new users.


Snapwire: this is a small site which offers from 50% to 70% of the total prices depending on the plans. If you get selected for a photo challenge you can earn more, obviously keeping the copyright. Here people let photographers know what they are looking for and time-frame to submit work.

Photographers submit their best shoots to "challenges" and the ones that fit better with the project get selected.

They have a points system that works like any other buying site the more the better. In addition, this site only works with photos, meaning no videos or illustrations. They keep things simple.

Who can sell there? Everyone with a good eye!


SmugMug: Is another portfolio builder for professional photographers and enthusiasts. Monthly fee for professional photographers starts at $20 per month or you could pay an annual fee of $12,50 per month( $150 annually) This site lets you build a portfolio website, customizing the layout to your own needs.

You keep % 85 of every piece of work sold, either videos or photographs. Portfolios are e-commerce optimised. They also offer a 14 days trial, to give photographers the chance of experimenting with the site.

Who can sell there? Everyone.


Etsy: I had a shop here, but failed miserably. Some people think that site is only for selling physical stuff, but you can also sell digital goods. Building the site is free, you only need to upload your stuff and pay a small fee for each item.  

This is like the eBay of beautiful things. You can sell photo books, photos already mounted and framed, postcards, zines alongside digital goods. Bear in mind you need a solid marketing strategy, competition is fierce.

Who can sell there? If you have already a shop there you can try to sell your digital stuff right now, otherwise anyone can set a shop in matter of minutes.


Your Website: listen I know you're busy, plus most of these sites do the hard work for you. But what a better place to sell your photos than your own site. What's more, if you're a WordPress user, you can download an e-commerce widget, pull out an eye-catchy page and promote your site like mad.

Who can sell there? Only you and your mates.


Instagram:  You can sell your pics on Instagram, professionals looking for authentic pics would contact you asking for more. Twenty20 app connects your Instagram account so you can sell photos to agencies and brands through the app.

Who can sell there? Anyone with an Instagram account.


These are few sites, the list is longer. I think is a good idea to choose a site that you feel comfortable with. If you love Instagram and got really good at it, try selling your pics there. It's all depends on your abilities and goals. Don’t be afraid to try new platforms though.

Fellow creatives, hope this helps. Keep testing things, this is the best way to find out your creative eye.

All the best with your projects!

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