Hey guys, I was kind of playing around with the categories. I came out with the conclusion that simple is better! hash finally, took me a while to get to this point.

It also eliminates the hazards of having too much on my plate.

I rather do few things consistently, than hundred of sections that don’t go anywhere. I need to focus more in what is important to me right now, so I can give you the best info available. That’s how it works, doing something I love it’s good for me and good for you too.

In this section I’ll recommend books, some of them read by me, others recommended by friends and/or in popular forums.

The books will be about entrepreneurship, creativity, productivity and cool things happening in the tech world. If you have a nice book you like to see it here, let me know. Sometimes is hard to get to know all the cool stuff out there.

More important nothing I put here are things I wouldn’t read myself.

Ok let’s kick start this section with a book about originality. We love this topic right?


When I saw this  book Originals: How Non-conformists Change the World I thought what a good tittle, but I waited a bit to buy it.

As a creative I always thrive for originality and probably you too.  You don’t have to be a well-known artist to be considered original, every single person in this planet has a level of originality. aka creative thinking.

This book tells the great length “originals” go through to see their ideas come to life.

Because originals defy the status quo, sometimes they’re seen like crazy creatures. But with time people trust their vision.

Originals have to be creative to fight scepticism. Besides, it takes time to gain people’s hearts. In this book Adam Grant explains how originals tried different strategies to move their ideas forward.

There are many examples, a CIA officer climbing the corporate ladder to have her voice heard about introducing an online platform.

A group of friends disappointed with the market’ offers got an e-commerce website to sell glasses to consumers themselves. And a girl who invented a wireless charger had to lie to her contractors in order to finish the project.

It also tells how educators can encourage originality, plus how you can exercise originality in everyday life. Overall the book tells various methods to get the confidence to move forward. Few ideas are a bit cliché but some other ideas make a lot of sense.

You don’t have to be open all the time about your idea, you can instead test the waters before you spread the voice.

Famous entrepreneurs would tell, be careful who you trust with your idea while at its infancy.

There is not magic formula to get your project going. I guess the best way is just test with what you got at hand, fix, remove unnecessary stuff and test again.

Originals is a good companion for your test and trial period.


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