Why We All Need to Go To More Meet-Ups

meet ups


The best way to connect with like- minded people and expand your network is by going to local meet-ups. Seriously, I have been in many of them and I’m always surprised to see so many people with my same interests living in the same place! From yoga to small business, there are meet ups for every taste.

If you’re starting a new venture or just moved into town, the local community can be very supportive. Local gatherings are a great way to share ideas and get instant feedback. The most popular platform to find out what’s going on in your city is the super famous meetup.com, but Evenbrite and Facebook local groups are equally good. Some groups start with Meet-Up and then move to Facebook.


                                          Why Meet Ups?

  • As I said before a meet up is perfect to get to know people with your same interests. Whether you want to learn a new skill or get fresh ideas for a project you’ll get  insights of others just like you. The community is there to back you up. You grow alongside others, this is the magic of collective power.


  •  There may be a guy who needs your products or services, and this guy may knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, the possibilities are endless. You never know when opportunity will knock at your door. But, don’t think on this as your main goal, relax and have fun.


  • Meet-ups are great to make new friends a connect with local people. If you just moved into town, go to a meet-up, you’ll  get to know the locals and learn about the city.


  • You could be building a project and need the power of collective  accountability to keep you on track. Right now I’m developing a digital project, it wouldn’t be possible without the power of the community!


  • It gives you a fresher outlook, if you’re a freelancer like me, probably you spend far too many hours in the computer. I know you have to put food on the table, but sometimes is a good idea to close the laptop and talk to real people. You mind will be thankful for that.


  • The people who go to meet ups have different experiences and  they can give you advise about things you don’t know. Be humble and ready to learn. I met amazing people far more clever than me, so I kept my mouth shut and listened. The best lessons in life sometimes come from the people in your neighbourhood rather an university lecture. Those people are real, with real experiences. So listen, more often than not 10 years of making business are comprised in a single meet up.


  • You can start your own meet up, and see what happens. Few  people is enough to set an interest group, it may grow into something cool. Also, there are many different formats . You could give presentations, workshops, talks, slideshows,  organise small dinners and so on. That’s the beauty of meet ups!


  • Work the calendar in advance, and organise ahead to avoid disappointment. Several times, I had to choose between two cool groups meeting at the same time. Work on your top priorities and choose the ones you need now.


  • Last but not least, if you don’t give something you get nothings right? And although is good to listen to clever people, it’s also good to share ideas, remember you have unique experiences and this could enlighten someone.


Not sure yet? Think about the cool people you could meet and how this could change your perspective. You’re not alone, the community is there waiting for you!


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