Nature in Motion

Summer is at its height and here in the UK, like any other Northern land, people try to make the most of the sunny days. Winter is too long, so we all appreciate the warm weather. Yes me too I can’t get enough ice cream, besides all sorts of fruits salads the market has to offer. But I have notice there is one big thing people go mad about and that’s plants. Flowers, plants and everything in between keep locals busy and garden centres running. What’s more, there are countless garden shows all around the calendar year bringing the best home grown flowers, fruits and veggies. But if you are one of those fast paced commuters, with limited time to glance the surroundings, just grab this piece.

Roses: They reach their full splendour in August. Of course, it’s always nice to have them decorating the terraces and bringing colour to the city. Besides, English roses are synonymous of this part of the world attractive females. Apparently the rose is the national flower.

Lily: According to the Greeks the Lily symbolises birth and motherhood. In medieval England Lilies were used to treat cuts and injuries. This flower comes in a variety of colour and shapes. The golden-rayed Lilly of Japan was first introduced in the 19th century and Victorian Britain grew obsessed with it. White, pink and orange are some of the most common in the UK.

Raspberries: The classic summer fruit that you can pick from any back yard, side street or park. They are extremely easy to grow and few varieties will also grown in Autumn. Very well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Strawberries: Not so easy to find in the public space. Yet some small farms would let you pick your own at a reasonable price. In ancient Rome strawberries were thought to have aphrodisiac properties and a soup made of strawberries was given to the newly married.

Apples: Great fruit for puddings such as apple crumble and apple tart. Apples also make delicious ciders. From the end of August beginning of September apples are in high demand. Professionals and enthusiasts will put their passion into making the best possible beverage. According to the experts, British ciders can be divided in two categories, West country ciders which are made from cider apples and Eastern counties ciders which have eating and cooking apples into the mix.

Of course there is plenty more nature has to offer in summer. Those are only my favourites. Go for a walk through the fields and you’ll discover amazing things.


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