Make Your Photography More Attractive With Drones


Aerial Photography


Drones have changed the way we perceive the world. Have you seen those aerial pics?

I saw photos taken from the streets of China and I have to say it was very impressive.

Aerial photography adds a cinematic feeling to the images, it changes the way we see the world. In addition, there are many things you can do with drones.

Don’t go spy to your neighbours nothing is interesting there anyways.

Imagine all the pics you can take from above, plus you don’t have to travel with your drone. The only thing you need is an app to connect the drone with your smartphone. The footage is visible from  your phone, so you can direct the gadget pretty much anywhere.

It’s easy to experiment, a whole tribe of enthusiasts share tips online. And it offers different angles to your country landscapes.

Drones makes us remember how big the planet is.


Here few things to consider before buying a drone:


  •   Prices go from £400 to  £2000. More expensive models have more functions, it all depends on the use you want to give, for recreational photography you don’t need much. The good news is if you are in a budget there are places renting drones for few buckets a day.


  •  Drones require time to familiarise with key features, as any gadget once you got the basics covered you’re good to go. You have to control where it goes, making sure it doesn’t bother other people. Apparently, there are rules on how and when can be used depends on your country. In UK you can’t fly near an airport, it should not go over 400 feet overground or 50 mt of people and objects.


  •  Some models come with built-in camera and others require you to attach a camera. It doesn’t need to be an expensive model, as drones have to fly light. A Go Pro is a good model for a drone.


  •  Definitely high-end technology,  drones connect with your smartphone. If you’re a photography enthusiast you’re going to have fun. Through your phone screen you can see where it goes and direct it to any direction.


  • For those landscape photographers drones take amazing photos and videos, so you can experiment with both mediums. Those panning shoots from above, we’ve seen in the movies, now can be done with a drone.


  • Most advanced models come with GPS navigation system which means your gadget knows where it goes. If you worry about vibration issues drones have built in anti vibration technology, quite handy for tricky weather conditions.


  • It takes JPEG or RAW pictures perfect for the editing process, also most drones come with 12 MP resolution for photos and 4K  video recording storage. General speaking batteries allow 20 minutes flight.


  •  There are tons of accessories from lighting gear to use it in the dusk or propellers as they seem to break easily.


These  are some of the  things to consider before buying a drone. Professionals and enthusiasts agree with the fact you’ll need a lot of patience and practise to get a decent shoot.

Definitively drones are worth a try, pics look so stunning.

Aerial photography makes special occasions even more special.