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Women in Tech


Women in tech sounds a bit weird those words “women” and “tech” don’t fit together. Maybe, because we know very little about women working in the tech industry. Despite the fact that thousand of women are making incredible things . The tech industry most famous names are males, worst of all white males.

I did my research, and guess what I found?  An endless list of women taking the lead not only in the tech industry but in several industries  traditional dominated by males.

Women are shaking things up, we don’t hear about them but they are game changers in the tech world.


She start it depicts women from different countries going for their dreams. The film shows the background stories behind the companies they have started.  And what it takes to build a business from having an idea to looking for potential investors.

Right now, women are making apps, working in startups developing services and teaching other women how to make it. These are really exciting times, people should engage in the conversation, the tech world is not an “only males club”.

Yet, even though we are in the twenty-first century still there is a long way to go. Women have it incredibly hard to access to business grants. Don’t believe me ? Read this.

In addition, women tend to feel insecure about their skills. Several Studies in  the UK have found that 50% of female managers reported felling sceptical about their abilities compared to less than a quarter of men. This means women have a learn to trust in their abilities.

However, incredible women are pushing social and economic barriers in order to rise successful business.


 10 inspiring women in tech:


1. Jennifer Hyman, she is the co-founder of Rent the Runway an online retail company, app inclusive, which rents high fashion dresses for as little as $60. They are changing the way high fashion is commercialised making it accessible to all women not just a privileged few. Cool idea don’t you think?

2.  Jocelyn Leavitt, is the founder of Hopscotch an app that teaches kids how to code. She is a former teacher who saw an opportunity to teach something valuable to kids. Aka coding!

3. Jamila Abass, Linda Kwamboka and Susan Oguya  are the founders of M-Farm  an online agricultural market information service.  M-Farm provides consumers  good prices and farmers a way to sell their products. The website has daily reports and information of the Kenyan agricultural market. This is so empowering for farmers and consumers alike.

4. Erica Joy Baker is a senior engineer at Slack, she’s passionate about women in tech, an active advocate for diversity in the tech industry. She is the co-founder of the Project Include which aims to help companies diversify their culture.

5. Arlan Hamilton is the founder of Backstage Capital an investor company that supports minorities groups, women and LGBT. It’s core value is to help visionary startups regardless their background. I think this is what the tech industry needs it couldn’t be more in tune with the times.

6. Mariana Costa CEO and co-founder of Laboratoria a social enterprise that teaches young women in Peru how to code. The project has expanded to other countries in the region such as Chile and Mexico.

7. Liliana Lobato Martinez taught herself how to code through You Tube videos and trial and error. This Mexican girl won a national prize for her app.  OOL is a platform that promotes volunteering work in Mexico. A kid with a vision, amazing start.

8. Anne Amuzu  is the co-founder of Nandimobile a software which helps with customer support, through mobile applications. Nandimobile is used by numerous corporations in her native Ghana.

9. Trisha Roy the founder of Barn and Willow a company that sells custom draperies. She was redecorating her house when she found draperies in US were extremely expensive. Products coming from India have many layers of middle man increasing the costs of the final product up to 250% the real price. She found a way to cut the price down and Barn and Willow was born.

10. Elena Masolova is the founder of Pixonic a game company that develops mobile games. War robots is their ultimate game experience recommended by Google alongside other super successful tech companies. From Russia with Love!

The list goes on but you get the idea, incredible women reshaping the tech industry bringing fresh perspectives .

Policies makers should embrace a new mindset, women need support, we need to believe we can do it. It’s not about expertise, it’s about working together, making things happen. We need communities where women have the tools from an early age.

I would love to see places where women from all walks of life strive to create innovative products with the help they deserve.

This is the future.

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