One Page Web Design on the Rise




5 Reasons Why One Page Web Designs are Popular


One page web design is on demand. This type of websites are changing the way we perceive services and products. Every day billions of visitors browse the net and make instant decisions. They can leave a site in matters of seconds due to poor design. Therefore, a professional coded website is crucial for your business success. Happy visitors lead to successful business, so clear websites are key to attract customers.


Here we explain the reasons why one-page designs are on the rise.

As mentioned above, this super clean design is changing the way we interact with services.

People tend to consume information super fast in this high tech times. And  a one-page design does the job, it provides information with only one click.


Here the pros


1- Showcase:  this design works as all in one landing page. In a standard multi-page design,  pages such as home, bio, and contact, split into different web sheets.

The one-page web design reduces link count by including all the important bits in one place. This type of layout gives first-time visitors  clarity when it comes to consume a service or product.


2- Mobile Friendly:  a big bunch of users come to a website through mobile devices. A mobile friendly website proves to increase SEO optimisation and user satisfaction. The one page  web design is perfect for mobile device users.

Websites load everything at once, so visitors don’t need to wait for each menu to upload upon navigation.

This design navigates within its own page without having to reload other items. The vertical layout has a top to bottom movement making it easy to see the information.

Mobile user interface is smooth and pain-free.


3- Design Creativity: it enhances creativity. Web designers have many options in a one-page layout.

This revolutionary design has room for tons of Gif images, coded UX animations, UI animations, landing page visitor interaction animations, video backgrounds, and more.


4- Long Scrolling Effects: this kind of web design is the first ever layout to introduce a long homepage scrolling. With this key feature, there is room for improvement.

The scrolling effect is smoothed out by a JavaScript parallax effect.


5- Large Font Size: bigger, bolder and better! The one-page web design provides extra room for large font size. By increasing the font size, a web design looks more appealing for mobile visitors.

Mobile devices have small screens, so large font sizes read clear. The one-page design gives space to experiment with typography and fonts. Besides, large fonts do not clog any space inside the layout.


The one-page design is increasingly popular. Websites content is clear, concise and easy to navigate. Simple design is mobile friendly, provides an optimal user experience and encourages designers to create striking content.

Make an eye-catchy website, upgrade to one page design.



Author:  Andy Williams is an advanced web designer, business researcher, and content writer. Andy is currently with NTW Designs .