Do you know how much you know?

How much you know?

This sounds a bit confusing, let me explain it. Sometimes you think you know, but you don’t know much.  Other times you don’t know you know enough.

This takes time to find, but creatives have a mountain of knowledge they rarely are aware of.

This past months making my website, adding  WordPress themes, looking for the right software to speed  my process and learning SEO gave me valuable knowledge. These skills added to my resources.

I didn’t know my mind was full of information. All I wanted is to build a place for other creatives who  want to make a living from their skills. I realised I had more resources I was aware of.

Learning is an everyday experience.

Let’s take another example, when I was a waitress I felt I wasn’t learning anything. It turns out my customer service skills improved a lot, besides my maths skills, time management and so on.

This happens to all of us, whether creatives or a mother of two.

Do you know the skills of a taxi driver? They have GPS so it’s not a big deal you may think.

They still have to check the route, know where they’re going, know essential info about their cars, and be kind with their customers, even at 3 in the morning! You see, we have not idea of our skills. We tend to ignore them.

For this reason, test your knowledge, look back at all the things you did in the past. This is key to find out your potential. There are tons of things you haven’t notice you could do.

With so much information available, we forget life is a good source of knowledge. Any doubt ask your parents, 60 years of knowledge speaking right to you.

Chances are you know more than you think.


How much you know?