What IO Stands For In Computer Terms?

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Did you ever wonder what io stands for in computer terms? The classic com or org domains are a bit saturated. So, unusual domains like io or me are the coolest thing in the start-up world.

I.O stands for  British Indian Ocean Territory and it’s been around since 1997. The register company is based in the UK.  Google sees io  as universal domain like com, rather than a regional one like uk or dk. If you’re starting a company and don’t want to be tied up to a specific location io is the way to go.

Small businesses adopt this extension because there are plenty of combinations available. Plus, it’s short and easy to remember. And  the input/output analogy matches the tech industry. Makers introduce data and visualise the input on a daily basis.

You  may fancy creating a MVP ( minimum viable product) and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars in a product you don’t know the market will love, then an “eye catchy” domain is the best option, at least at the beginning. That said, IO used the be affordable, right now as the name becomes popular prices are getting higher.

However, still there are plenty of  startups using the io at the end of their websites. This is quite representative of  innovative stuff, mostly done by tech-companies. Names parked in limbo, or about to expire can be a good chance to get a bargain. These sites may help you to find the perfect name.


Sites to Find I.O Domains


Park.io: Is a back-order website, you basically bet on names that are about to expire. Plenty of choices, not only in the io department. Here you can find original names for a bargain, what do you think of skirts.io?

The founder Mike Carson started the company as a side project and it has grown dramatically over the years. The user interface is very easy to navigate. And because is a relatively small business you can see there are not hidden costs, the whole process is fairly transparent.


Flippa: This is the E-bay of domain names. Here you can  find cool names, with a bit of patience and time you may be able to get a domain already popular.

People buy and sell domains like t-shirts. Apparently, you can make money buying and selling domains. I think it could be a cool side hustle, there tons of domains there. Again you need time and patience.


Sedo: This is another site to buy and sell domains. You have plenty of domains, io included.

They also help you to make money off your parked domains. If you got a domain you don’t use, maybe it’s time  to make money with  ads.

Once advertisements  generate large traffic you can cash in some revenue. It’s not that easy though. I’ll talk about this in another post. For now you can find  io and other domains  for sale there.


SnapNames: This is the place to buy and sell domains that no-one wants. They have access to inventories which they constantly update.

Thousand of domains become available as owners don’t bother to renew them. You can find domains at a reasonable price, but most of them have the com or net extension.

The good thing of this place is the chance of finding something cool at a good price. Although, some popular names are ridiculously expensive. You have to stick around, and keep checking to find something cool.


NIC.IO: If you’re looking for io domains why don’t go straight to the source? The Network Information Centre although based in the UK  has offices in Tokyo and New York.

They provide domain services and other products to customers all over the world. Check your name combination on their website and see if it’s available.


Choosing a domain can be tricky, I know by experience. Likely, there are many options these days. Remember io is just a trend, try to go for something that fits with your needs. Don’t pay too much attention to the domain extension, as long as you have a good product you’ll be fine.

That said, io domains have already a large number of clients,  and it may help you drive attention to your brand.


What’s your favourite domain name? Leave a comment in the comment section below.


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