The insane truth about myths

The insane truth about myths

An idea or story that everyone believes as fact, and no one dares to question is a myth.

Widespread all over, outliving its creators, myths have crossed borders and sailed rivers.

Myths expanded towards far lands influencing whole communities.

A singled person’s belief, then burst the rest is story. Before you know it everyone believes the same crap.

Print originated in Europe, we could give Johannes Gutenberg the privilege, as he was one of the first European to make printing available to the West. Although, the Chinese were using printing blocks long before we began to call the coloured fluid ink.

Hollywood is the biggest movie maker ever, well no really.

Hollywood produces about 600 films a year. Unlike, Bollywood the Indian counterpart which produces 1000 films a year, most of them very well-known in Asia.

Football was invented by the English. Not sure about that, Aztec and Mayan civilisations were playing football alongside other ball games back in the days, 1500 BC.

Choose your myth and hold on to it, like a massive marketing campaign myths resist time and scepticism. Myths travel back and forth because they seem logical and sound comforting.

If myths are quite easy to demolish, why many people believe in them?

My guess is we all want to believe in something, besides, some people are too lazy to check the facts while others are so busy omitting them.

Myths are like few straws rolling downhill, over time become huge piles robust on the outside but empty inside.

Now that Christmas is approaching, I’m tempted to question the biggest myth western civilisation was built upon.

Nothing seems totally clear.

Choose your myths and live happily ever after.

Have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year!