I like it here


Here is where we live. A small town, not far from Brighton. Here in Worthing life goes smoothly.

There are great advantages of living in a small coastal town. The sea views are breathtaking. Rent is cheaper than Brighton. The stress levels rarely pick up to the point when you just want to run away. There are plenty of beaches and parks to discover. The weather is not so bad. And the most important, fresh fish is always available.

Xander likes Worthing. He’s from Brighton but moved here a while ago. He tells me the life in the town is very relaxed, and the atmosphere is nice.

Even though is a small place, there are things to do.

New coffee shops and restaurants keep popping out all over the town. There is also a huge street market every Wednesday and few micro-pubs serving local drinks.

In summer, artists open their houses to show what’s going on in the art world.

If you like sports, there are plenty of options from windsurfing to jogging or mini circuit karting.

The South is cool. I like it here too.