How to hack digital masturbation and leave the monkey behind


Hack means halting or in dictionary terms a rough cut, chop, slash.

It sounds drastic, but hey you got to start somewhere.

The thing is nothing comes as a surprise. You cannot hack your education, without being educated about the choices out there. I cannot hack my diet if don’t know how to eat healthy, I can’t hack a bad habit if I’m not sure what’s next.

 What I  mean by hacking, cut the string with old habits in order to build new ones.

 Hack digital masturbation in order to create mental space to do things that are important.

  According to the Statista the average time spent on social media by internet users worldwide is 118 minutes per day.

  2 hours of digital masturbation is a lot, not even the best porn movies last that long.

 But the good news is you can change that. Pleasure doesn’t need to stick to a mobile screen you can free yourself from this time sucking habit and make it totally unfamiliar, you won’t need it again.

 The British therapist Marisa Peer gives advice on how to change your thinking and convince the brain you love whatever you happen to love. Of course it has to come with you wanting it, you want to write that article, you want to loose weigh, you want to focus on your career.

  Your mind does what you want. The brain is a simple machine that will do whatever you say. Direct your thoughts towards your desires, and your mind will respond.

  Be specific with the words you use and make a clear picture in your mind. It’s your choice.

 It took me few weeks but I promise it works, each time I take the mobile phone I ask myself do I need this, the not is far stronger than the yes. I’m choosing to spend those 118 minutes reading or writing.

Convince your brain this is what you want, and after a while your brain is fine with that. The monkey adapts to your new source of pleasure, you make familiar the unfamiliar and unfamiliar the familiar.

It’s hard at the beginning, takes considerable effort, but who wants to spend 2 hours a day sucking digital nonsense.