How to build a WordPress blog on a budget

how to build a WordPress blog in a budget


Blogs are the place to go for almost anything. To be honest, I read more blogs than any mainstream  website. The writing style feels quite close, reading a blog is like talking to a friend.

The connection goes both ways, we, bloggers share our point of view, and readers get instant gratification. Companies adopt the same format to talk with their customers for the very same reasons.

A blog is kind of fresh, besides, a company can update customers with the latest product development news without all the fuss of the big media.

We all love direct communication right?

In case you wonder how to build a  blog in a budget. I got good news for you,  building a blog is quite simple and cheap! You can start right now.

Now let me explain the basic tech details.

For this blog I used BlueHost for hosting and GoDaddy for the domain. But you can do better.

Ready, let’s do it.

Step by step guide on how to build a blog on a budget


1)   The first step is choose a niche, this is a common advise, however, if you go too narrow you’ll run out of ideas. On the other hand,  successful bloggers cover more than one niche.

So… what the heck? I would say pick something you feel comfortable writing about.  Use your voice, speak from your point of view. It doesn’t matter  if no one is reading your blog, this is normal at the beginning. The important bit is that you’re you, readers will notice that.

2) Now you have a niche in mind, think about the name. The name should reflect what your blog is about. With my first blog I chose the wrong name, don’t make the same mistake! The name is the most important keyword. The name is a short description of your blog.

3)  Then  head to and search for a domain name. I’ll use a website I made a while ago as an example. There is an option on for those who are not sure about their blogs and want to experiment first. You can have free hostage for a year, pick a name and hosting, not complications all in one place, super easy.

.How to build a WordPress blog i a budget


4) Many years ago the com domain was the king of internet. These days there are tons of combinations. Although com  is still  a popular, domains  like net or org, are as popular.

how to build a WordPress blog in a budget

5) Choose the combination and make sure you untick all the extras. You can add them later on, but at the moment we want to build a WordPress blog with a minimum budget.

how to build a WordPress blog in a budget

6) Besides free hosting for a year, One offers free ssl certificate, and free e-mail hosting. The only thing you have to pay is the domain+ VA. It’ll cost around £10.80 for the whole year.

How to build a WordPress blog in a budget

7) Once you receive the confirmation link in your inbox,  click on the link and start to configure your brand new website.

How to build a wrodpress website in a budget

8) They’ll give you the option of making a website with their own website builder, but WordPress gives  more flexibility. For now shut this box, and click on the W of WordPress ( you can see it on the bottom right).

How to build a WordPress blog in a budget

9) Once you click on installation you’ll need to set up login name and password for future log ins.

Next time you want to enter the site you’ll have to click on admin introduce your user name and password. You can save the details on your computer to make your life easier. And you can enter the site either through WordPress or

How to build a WordPress blog in a budget

10)  Now you have WordPress installed! Start to browse some nice themes, there are tons of free themes for every need.

Congratulations…you have the basics covered,  I recommend to install few plugins check here for more details. This is the dashboard where you can change the appearance of the blog.

How to build a WordPress blog in a budget


11) Check this link to get £5 discount. And  tadaaaaa! this is my website I meant to show my photographs in here, but you get the idea.

I really hope this helps to build your future blog.

How to build a WordPress blog in a budget

If you think I missed something or not sure about this guide leave a comment in the comment section below.

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