Going Slow Motion


apps to slow down clips

Who said we have to go fast? life these days is getting faster, but videos don’t need to be like that.

 5 apps to slow down your clips

Slow Motion Video Player: is an android app. You’ve to download the app in your smartphone and you’re ready to go.

The developers are based in India, and the app has already downloads!

I guess many people have fun slowing their videos. This app has a friendly user interface, very intuitive.

You can also control the audio, colour. Besides, the app doesn’t use all the battery in one go, so you can make plenty of editing. Plus you can share your clips straight after.

Wormin case you haven’t tried you can get the app for android or Apple devices.  Tons of videos in Instagram will make you jump.

It’s very simple to use, just download your video and click to slow down. You can choose between various levels of slow motion. I was wondering if there is a kind of freeze Matrix style, wow! yes it’s.

This works pretty well if you’re a surfer, skater or free runner and want to watch the movements in detail. If you have a Go Pro camera you can slow your videos using this app.

If you’re a photographer, is natural to move from still to motion.  I’ve experimented with a short clip on a bus journey, but because it’s a grey day in England, you want to make it faster rather than slower.

Anyway never mind landscapes, make sure you have people in it!

Worm is a new startup based in the UK, but with a user base from all over the world.

Slow Motion Video Editor Maker: this a cool app, love the user interface. very simple. You can try your phone videos with various levels of motion.

They also have a pretty impressive number of downloads around 1.000.000. I’ve to say sometimes you just need something like this to share on social media. Make a video and edit it on the go, easy and practical.

Made by Gosi team  of developers, they’ve more cool apps in their folders.

Videoshop: This is not just a slow motion app, you can make many things like voice over or combine multiple clips. This is a paid app, not so much though $1.80. It’s very popular in Google store, I think because you can add other fancy stuff to your clips.

The makers are based in United States. Although, the  original app is in English, they’ve incorporated other languages as well.

Slow Motion Video Zoom Player this app can slow or speed up your phone videos.  In addition, adjust brightness, resolution, level of  motion and audio.

They also have thousands of install, the app is not free £1.20 not so expensive if you enjoy making videos on your mobile.

Developers are based in India, we love the minimalist style. If you’re android user you’ll fall in love with this app.


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