Fish and Chips at Chipwick

fish and chips

Fish and chips is a classic of the British Cuisine. Although it has it detractors, tourists and locals satisfy their appetite with this simple but delicious meal.

There is an especial way of enjoying it during the summer months and that’s as a take away. Chips wrapped in paper and fish in a take away box is the British version of a happy meal. The chips have to be home-made, not frozen stuff, it literally melts in your mouth.

 All along the coast people indulge in this goodness while contemplating the scenario. This is the ultimate British summer experience.

I’m told that there is a place that serve Fish and Chips like nobody else, so that’s why I’m here. Worthing is a small coastal town on the South of England few minutes away from Brighton the cultural quarter for Bohemians and Artists.

The place is  Chipwick  and the story goes back to 1981 when the shop first opened.  At the beginning it was a humble take away shop for the hungry neighbours and passers-by.  With the years, words of mouth multiplied and customers would come from far to taste Chipwick’s especial dish.

Although it’s a family business turned into a successful restaurant, they don’t forget their roots, keeping focus on quality above everything else.

I’m told that the fish is sourced from all around the coast, Cornwall and Scotland are some of the main providers, as long as the fish is good quality that’s all that matters.

I guess this is why people keep coming back, delicious fresh food, in an idyllic location, what can go wrong? They have also burgers in the menu but of course the winner is the ever tasty fish and chips.

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