How to Find the Right Creative Path and Is There Such a Thing?



This is typical it happens to all of us, it happened to me several times. Sometimes we think we know  where we’re heading to. But self-doubt starts to creep in and we begin to question everything.

At some point the stuff that used to make us happy, it’s not so appealing anymore. Plus, a creative career is quite volatile. We’re constantly interacting with other fields and learning new things. What we thought was really interesting today, maybe tomorrow is not so exciting. Our passions moved into something else.

” Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people”

Leo Burnett

Unfortunately, we don’t stop to think  about our best options. And even worst, we’re bombarded with advise right and left. If you do A or B,  XYZ will happen, but no one knows what will happen. We learn to navigate the creative world and adjust as we go along. Yet, as we change and grow our expectations change, and so the world around us.

A creative career is always developing and transforming, is never static. If you’re stuck in the choice paralysis, try different crafts, think about what you used to enjoy between the ages of 7 and 14. Self-development gurus would tell to ask yourself what you would be doing if you didn’t have to go to work. Imagine you have all the money in the world, what are the things you’d still do?

And yet no amount of advise will give you the right answer, because there is not right answer. You have to follow your inner intuition and let go with the need to control everything.

Society, family, culture and friends tell you to do certain things. But, you have a completely opposite take of the world. That’s pretty awesome! You don’t have to follow the norms, that’s boring and you’d waste your time living someone’s else life.  Follow your happiness, after all this is your life.

And some stuff is a lot simpler than we thought,  if you want to write,write. If you want to take pictures take pictures. If you want to start a business put a MVP out and see how it goes. We sometimes over think the next step for too long, mainly for fear of  things going wrong. But, projects can go wrong and that’s fine too you learn something, next time it’ll be better, you’ll be wiser.

A creative path is about trying various things and improvise along the way. It’s also about mixing your skills and adding your inner weirdo into the mix. Embrace your personality, give your weird side a voice, maybe you find a hidden gem. And fuck society, when you die society won’t care about you!

So, I guess there is not answer, find within yourself what makes you happy, that’s the right path. Experiment, write down your thoughts, mix up with different people, volunteer somewhere where you can learn new skills. Sit down and be honest with yourself, the answers are always within.

Here’s a fancy infographic on the creative industries and the state of the market.

Creative Market


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