Fake it like the News

Fake News

Not long ago a rugby celebrity had to deny claims of death by overdose of steroids. The news was obviously fake, but real enough to make James Haskell declare via You Tube he was actually alive.

The whole thing was somehow hilarious, especially after the “respected” News providers were all calling in unison for tougher measures to control those creepy news. On the corridors of the Daily Mail they were looking at each other puzzled as they thought they were the only fake News providers.

 Meanwhile Facebook executives said they’ll tackle these issues as soon as they can.

I would worry if Facebook starts to tell us what News we can see. Guys, News content is for journalists, let’s the geeks at Silicon Valley do their job that is creating useful/useless tech stuff.

And by the way 80% of the news we consume are carefully made constructions that could count as fake.

Surely certain News platforms are well-known for the truthfulness of their content. Something posted on Facebook doesn’t have the same weight as something posted on the Guardian.

In the same way,  a News platform sharing engaging content on Facebook is not the same as those dodgy ads on our timelines. Although, not even the Guardian is exempt from contributing to the “show”.

After all editors are influenced by their Western “way of life”.

In the midst of this media hype where things go viral in matter of seconds, there is a thin line between what is real and what is not.

I would say everything is fake in some way…if you have any doubt ask the Kardashians.