English Breakfast

The English breakfast is so underrated these days. We all know that if you have too much of it you’ll probably experience a slow and semi-unpleasant death, but I’m not here to tell you what’s good or bad for your blood pressure. I’m only saying that like the fish and chips or pork pies the English breakfast is a British classic. Hence, if you’re in and about Britain should definitely give it a go. And for those vegetarians there is also a vegetarian option.

The choices weren’t always that wide and not everyone could afford this culinary extravaganza in Victorian Britain. However, as the industrial revolution spread so did the English Breakfast or fry up for the working class. People began to have English breakfast on a daily basis in order to have enough energy for their manual jobs.

The English breakfast as we know it today, sausages, eggs, bacon, mushrooms, chips, beans and toasts, 2 of each, is extremely popular. There are many different options; and in some places you can even make your own combination. Because, is very caloric, some people have it as a main dish and skip lunch all together.

If you never tried the English breakfast before, I would recommend going for the smaller option; you still want to be able to stand up and walk after you finish.