Embrace your story

honor your story

After a bus accident Frida Kahlo had to deal with great pain, some injuries would stay in her body for the rest of her life. But she channelled her pain through her paintings. Her story was the protagonist of all her paintings, and when she wasn’t the main character her family and the people of Mexico lived through her art.

When a journalist asked her why the images were all about her life, she replied is the subject she knew best. Her paintings were a kind of map of her life’s experiences. She wasn’t looking for fame or money, she painted to understand her story. Painting allowed her to heal.

She became an icon, because she was true to her story. This reminds us we have to be true to who we are, is hard to find ourselves in these super-distracting times, but this is the key to give to the world what we have got. Only when we know ourselves enough, we can give something back to the world.

It’d be pointless to try to become someone we are not, or even worst try to imitate someone else, there is only one, and this is you. And sooner or later your story will surface.

It took me a long time to know this,  my true character was underneath a mask, we all put masks to survive. The thing is we have to be happy with who we are, our story is our identity, this doesn’t mean we can’t change, we’re always changing but our essence is always there.

As a Latin American I’m often quite reckless, plus I’m not very keen on rules. I’m conscious that this can offend people, in the past I tried  hard to be more serious and respect even the more stupid rule. But this is not the real me, sooner or later the real me will come out. And since I accept myself things are getting better. I know who I am and I’m not trying to fight against it. The wanderer will live inside always. Don’t fight against your story, embrace it.

Frida Kahlo went to United States to accompany her husband the painter Diego Rivera in a failed commission. She wasn’t happy there. The cold  American winter and a miscarriage let her depressed. She couldn’t change her nature.  The Mexican sun and people were always in her mind, she desperately wanted to go back home.

Mexico was her identity and she knew who she was. She had not intention of trying to be someone else, even though she led a glamorous life in New York.

She now is remembered because she was true to her story. She embraced her nature and this is what stayed in the world for good.

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