E-learning is the future this is why


Online Learning


E-learning is reaching new frontiers. Thanks to the internet sharing knowledge is super easy these days. Online learning gives people the chance to reach their potential.

Sitting in a crowed classroom listening to topics you don’t care about is a thing of the past. E-learning opens new prospects. You can follow your curiosity and learn topics you find interesting at your own pace.

I think e-learning is taking over traditional teaching. You can find courses on anything, from coding, arts, yoga to languages, science and maths, the range of subjects is huge. Even kids have fun learning online.

We need to asset new ways to make learning interesting and accessible. The school system is a bit updated.

You may be thinking yeah… all nice but what about social interaction, going to college encourages students to interact with other humans beings. Interpersonal skills are valuable.

I get your point, for this reason I outline here the pros and cos of learning online.

Let’s have a closer look,


It’s flexible:  you can study in your own time, planning the lessons to your convenience. If you’re working full time or have other commitments you can choose your own hours. This is handy for people who want to learn, but have other responsibilities.

It’s cheap: online courses are cheaper than formal education. The fact that you don’t have to sit in a classroom makes it cheaper for students to learn and course providers to teach.

Unlimited: few years back resources were limited. These days resources are far greater. This is the reason why e-learning is popular. In addition, course makers keep updating their programs which means you’re up to date with the information you consume.

Recorded: because the majority of the courses are video records you can go back to the lesson in case you want to clear some doubts. This makes the learning process easier as videos can be paused hundred times to take notes. The whole learning experience adjusts to your level and not the other way around.

Not deadlines: remember those marketing campaigns to sign up now or you will have to wait another six months. University degrees have also specific times to join in. This is very unpractical say you’ve been travelling and want to start your course in May, with e- learning you can start right now.

Tasting the Waters: you can taste if the subject matter is what you were looking for. You may realise half way through it’s not what you wanted.  Not problem, you can reverse back, without losing thousand of dollars like university.


Interaction is Low: some courses have an interactive platform to talk with other students. Although, interaction is always through an screen, human interaction is the downside of online learning.

 Lack of Accountability: because it flexible doesn’t mean you can take two years to finish a course. Accountability or self discipline is important. You haven’t got a tutor who is demanding your homework, you must make the effort to progress by yourself, tricky sometimes.

Risk of Over Saturation: if you like learning new things you may subscribe to more than you can handle. Few years back I thought wow!! a course about coding, great I’m in. Then I thought wow, a course about marketing cool I’m in, I registered to so many courses it was ridiculous.  My advise is take one finish it, then another and so on. It gives you space in the mind to build knowledge, otherwise you running into chaos.

These are some of the factors to consider when thinking about studying online. It’d be good idea to get an introduction on the topic before you embark on a course.

Depends on your preferences this is an excellent way of getting to know an specific topic. We’re in the right time to learn new skills, internet has opened new doors.  Knowledge is not the gift of some fancy university. Resources are open to those who want to learn.

In addition, the whole online community is here to help. Curiosity can lead to incredible opportunities.

From my point of view this is the future of education.