Don´t shop make love instead!

Spending Christmas time in a popular British town, has made me rethink on the absurdities that surround 1st class consumerism. After popping in a very well known department store located at the heart of the city, I can´t help but to think what if all these people were making love instead of shopping.
Not everyone has a lover to indulge in the actual sexual intercourse though, in that case just let your love ones known you actually love them, is free! Christmas is about reunion, I’m not a religious person but sure that essential gift doesn’t bring meaning.
I have to say a little bit of consumerism is necessary for the wheel to carry on, but is all of this really need it?  I  mean this excessive shopping, how many gadgets a teenager can have? my point is real people, real feelings,  nature, special moments have long go?  where has this gone?

In the shop women were trying hard to smell the latest eau de parfurm, it would make more sense if the beauty consultant brings those women back to life, before they are able to smell anything. Children behaving like adults and adults craving like children, vanity self loved men like toys holding hands with their Barbies girlfriends, and this circus is full of plastic!…give me something real!

The shop assistant articulates a forced smile,  too much glycol on their faces don´t let the skin breath. In the meantime the shelves are filled promptly, no room for emptiness. The consumer must have all and more. And if we talk about fresh air there is nothing fresh in a closed square box filled with anxious shoppers rushing for the last bargain.

The queue to the till brings comfort of having something new. Wait, wake up! there is a whole world waiting for you to be discovered, to late am I? The shopper is already watching the world through his brand new TV screen.