How to Discover your Hidden Talents

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In the school we’re taught how things work, the basics of biology, society, and so on. From an early age the system limits out potential, making us believe we’re only good at some stuff. We grow up without knowing the amazing hidden talents we’ve got inside.

The school puts in our minds endless formulas. And because we’re so young we can’t dispute this way of learning.  Sadly,  when we’re told we’re not good enough we feel bad about the topic. We convince ourselves is not worth learning certain things, recalling what our tutors told us years ago.

              The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

                                                                                                                                                       Pablo Picasso

But, as we experience more things in life we discover that we weren’t that bad after all. We give that subject another go and booooom we love it.This is typical, how many times we came to the conclusion that certain areas are far beyond our reach, only to rediscover them later in another light? We misjudge the fact that our human condition has many facets.

The most obvious way to discover what else we’ve got inside is by trying to solve a problem out of necessity. Necessity is the mother of all creations, and hidden talents become more visible when we try to sort things because we need to.

When I first started blogging I had not idea where it would all end. WordPress was totally foreign to me, but as I carry on using the platform, I became more pro. I needed to get to know the platform in order to blog, so I had not other option.

You have to be curious and willing to learn though. Yet, a talent comes as a natural disposition. We find it enjoyable and super easy. All of us have  hidden talents, things we never thought we would be good at suddenly surprise us.

Sometimes necessity is a good thing,  building something out of desperation, is the best way to keep the creativity flowing. Many  famous entrepreneurs  would say ” it all start with a need”. Fortunately,  there are many ways to discover your talents. I did a little bit of research and I came out with these 6 tips. Let’s dive in.

                            Tips to Find you Hidden Talents

1)Go To The Past: This is classic,  seriously going to the past will help you discover things about yourself you never thought you had. Explore your 9 years old self and find out what she or he enjoyed the most. Also, you can research into the period from 9 to 15 years old to see what really lies in there. If you have your parents ask them, listen what they’ve to tell you.

2) The Fun Stuff: The things you enjoy doing often have a message behind. Let’s say you like blogging, probably there is a hidden writer in there. Maybe you enjoy travelling you could be a travel guide in disguise. Although, things are not so obvious at times, the things you enjoy doing say a lot about you. Be honest with yourself, try to look around, think about the things you own as well,  hidden gems could be staring at you.

3)Achievements:  See where you’re craving , your achievements, the things you’re most proud of. The more you are with yourself in silence the more you’re going to know your inner voice. Silence, meditation or a long walk can help.

4)The Kind of Help you Give: This is not the most evident, but for example a while ago my friend asked me to make a website, I never knew this could lead to several other sites. The inner design was in me, just waiting to be discovered. Research into your life, when your friends and family ask for help, what is it? Maybe they ask you to cook or fix their CV’s. Also, think about the things you like doing and you wouldn’t mind doing for free. How you spend your time and money also says a great deal about you.

5)People you Admire: The ones that stay in your head for long time, why you admire those people? Maybe a character in a film or someone closer to you, think what makes you think this person is worth your admiration. It’s very likely something in them is also in you. If you don’t have any hero think on the blogs or videos you watch, they mirror your qualities and desires.

6)Experiment: Doing something  out of your reach is always scary, but it can reveal hidden talents. Think exhilarating  stuff you could do today, see where that leads. Experimenting open the path outside the comfort zone, this is great many hidden talents  show up when you’re out wandering.


Discovering the hidden talents takes time. It’s hard to get to know the inner motivations in everything we do. Luckily, with time, experience and  a bit of self-knowledge we’ll be able to figure out those hidden treasures. The more we delve into our lives the more we’re going to know what lies beneath.

Do you have another tip to discover your hidden talents? What talents have you recently discover ? Leave a comment in the comment section below.


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