Choose your heroes

choose your heroes

Quite often  I come across tales of heroes, when that happens I make myself the same question…Is this guy my hero? Tales on the bravery of navy seals or well-known investors make me wonder does everyone have the same heroes?

Admiring a navy seal for his “bravery” is like congratulating a corrupt official for his outfit.  I wonder how many innocent civilians have perished under their brutal force.

It turns out they are no my heroes.

Self-development gurus tell you the old guy who made millions investing is a hero. Well good for him, but his is definitively no my hero either.

A celebrity, politician wanna be politician are also in the glory box, chose your hero, he’ll lead you through. I’m not in the idealizing mood today.

I rather choose  a better version of myself.

But who are your heroes girl? Do you have any?

The word hero gives me stomach-ache but if there is a person in this world I really admire is the people working in organisations like this one.  My heroes are anonymous guys that for some reason got inspired to help others.  I also admire these guys  and all the people around the globe who are making small efforts to bring massive change.

Strong women, community leaders and of-course my father ( although he is not longer here) are on the top of my  list.

The heroes of a  self-development guru may not be yours. Who you admire is up to you. It has to do with your own personal story, and only you can choose your heroes.

Culture, big media corporations or random gurus emit the same toxins. And the thing is, if we all have the same heroes we all build the same world, and we desperately need change.

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