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change font in css


We love our themes, the layout is nice, all the configurations work fine, the SEO plugins are up and running, but there is a little detail, the fonts don’t match our style. We want something different, maybe more sophisticated or fresh.

Thankfully,WordPress users can change fonts in no time. You can change title fonts, posts, menus, and footer. There is a simple way to do it, you don’t need to call a developer.

In this post, I’ll show you how to change the title font in few simple steps.

How to Change Title Fonts Using CSS


1# The first step is, go to Google Fonts and choose a font-family. Google Fonts is the biggest font-library on the web. There are thousands of fonts to choose from. Google Fonts is used by developers, designers, bloggers and creatives all over the world. This huge online library is the place to go if you want to find cool typography.  Plus, you can choose font thickness, size, style and more. I’m going to choose Abril Fatface for my landing page title.


font-family in css


2#Once you have chosen the right font-family, go to your site, right-click on the title or menu you want to change. In this example, I’m changing the title font, but as I said before you can change anything. Scroll down to the word  “inspect”  and click again. A new window will come out. This window will tell exactly the name of the property we are looking for.

change font-family in css


3#Because this is a very simple website, we know is H1, in complex websites  is harder to know the element we want to change. Besides, a quick inspection won’t make any harm. Make sure you got the name right, so you know what you’re changing.



4#Now is time to head over your dashboard and go to the back-end of WordPress. On your admin panel click on the left, on “appearance” then again on “customise”. Scroll down, see “additional CSS”? click on it. As you might know, you can also access the customise section clicking on the top bar on your website. It’s up to you how you access this section, the important bit is to get there.

how to change the font family

5#  Once you’re there, click on the “Additional CSS” section you’ll see a blank space. On that blank space write the property we have already confirmed. Then, write the font-family you’ve chosen. It should look like this:

h1-entry-title {

font-family: Abril Fatface;




6# It should change automatically, don’t forget to save it. Are you are able to see the new font? Using the same method you can change other fonts.There are many ways to change fonts, but to be honest I find this method quite easy. Especially, if you want to change things around quickly, this process can save you a lot of headaches.

font family


Now is your turn. What is your best way to change fonts in WordPress? Have you got an easier method? Please, let us know, we’re always on the look of useful tips for WordPress users.

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