Why Canva is Bloggers Best Friend

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The day I found Canva I couldn’t believe my luck. This amazing software makes graphic design easier,  and more important it’s free. Definitely, Canva is every blogger best friend.

I really recommend it to any blogger with a limited budget and plenty of ideas.

You can design social media banners,  event invitations, leaflets, presentations banners and much more in matter of minutes. What’s more, Canva allows to download your own images to work in a design that fits your own needs.

Choose your fonts, layouts, style and colours has never been so much fun. And things doesn’t end here, if you get bored with your pictures you can choose from hundred of designs, some of them are free and others are available for only of $1.

Tech Report Tech Report


Here is the thing you may have been postponing that blog post banner for some time, Canva is here to help you.  Besides,  you have the option of storing your folder in the menu section and plenty of tips and tricks for design enthusiasts. If that is not enough it also gives you the chance of downloading your image either in JPG or PNG formats, plus adjusting the size at your convenience.

Extra features make allows to create  a team, sharing images and adding extra folders as the workload gets bigger. Of course there is an extra support team in case you’re stuck in a project.

This amazing software doesn’t need installing,  you can work online save your folders for later and carry on with your next project. Nothing could be more convenient than Canva.

It’s also very intuitive and really live up to these times.  If you haven’t tried you should give it a go.

By the way I don’t get pay to tell you that, this is my honest advise from creative to creative.

Who doesn’t want a life made easier kind of tool?

Tech Report Tech Report