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Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of work you have in one day? Is a busy life killing your creativity?



Some employers would be happy with your ability to juggling different tasks. In fact, this is the main skill to succeed in the corporate world. However, being busy all the time is very unproductive. It’s impossible to change tasks every 20 minutes without losing focus. A busy life means rushing around trying to complete an endless task list, but nothing is completed.

It makes you feel productive, despite the evidence is telling you otherwise. You can’t be in hundred places at the same time, it’s simply no possible. Different projects need different attention, yet in most cases, you need to focus on what you’re doing.

When you’re in the process of creating something, you get into details, the ins, and outs of the project. This state of focus is hard to achieve in the modern world, and the constant shifting of attention doesn’t help.

It adds pressure to your life and more reasons to feel stressed. Feeling stressed can undermine the creative process if anything you should have a moment of flow where everything seems easy. You should be able to expand your imagination in order to create new work.

For creatives looking for ways to express their creativity, this is one of the main problems of a busy life. Being too busy makes you miss the chance of exploring new ideas.  Getting stuck in the rat race is jut no convenient. You need time to think about your motivations, write, follow your curiosity, take pictures, make draws, ask questions, brainstorm ideas.

Although there are little tasks which are essential for the business, adopting few strategies over time will help you focus, and get free time to do what you’re supposed to do.

Make a plan, planning ahead is the best strategy to manage your time efficiently. Making a to-do list for the day can help you focus on what matters without losing track of time.

Keep it simple, there is no point in making a long list stuffed with hundred tasks,  you’ll be struggling to follow. Jut focus on three or four important tasks.

Prioritize, this was hard for me at the beginning because all the tasks seemed important, but if you think which ones are essential you’ll be able to get the important bits covered.

Say no, if something doesn’t feel as important or it’s too time-consuming say no, you have the choice of walk away from those obligations that don’t fit your purpose.

Work with time slots, right now I’m writing this within a self-imposed time frame for my sanity, you’ll feel the same. Keep time slots for different tasks, and have breaks in between.

While there is no a perfect recipe for busy times, it’s a good idea to have a clear plan, thinking ahead is vital for no stressing out with last-minute re- schedules.

Slowing down means more time to create, this is what matters after all.