Brighton Photo Fringe

Every two years Brighton Photo Fringe shows the best national and international photography. The aim is to support independent Photographers and lens based collectives. I have to say I’m amazed by the high quality and great number of participants. Besides, the program is so diverse and inclusive that no wonder the festival reputation has grown so much over the years.

For a month independent coffee shops, galleries, community centres and public spaces bring in the most varied visions of today photography. And if that is not enough to satisfy your cultural appetite you also have talks, workshops, collective projects, tours, parties, screenings and the winners of the OPEN16 Young Photographers. This is a real cultural feast that not one living in Brighton should miss.

This humble blogger is also participating. My Trash project will be on the walls of Sunshine, coffee gallery, Hove from the beginning of October to the end of November. The project is about the found rubbish on the shores of Sussex. The idea is to focus on the rubbish, not as something repulsive and lifeless but as something new and fun that can be re- cycle.

Even tough this is a small project I’m so exciting to exhibit alongside many talented people. The city of Brighton is very well-known for being open to artists and innovators; and I have to say is really refreshing to see how many people contributed to make this year festival big and wild. I’m looking forward to it.