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Have you thought about forming a new habit and how hard it is?

I know what is like. I’m learning the hard way, pushing myself to write every day,  not an easy task. The habit of writing daily takes time to form,  distractions keep popping in.

I need the habit to stay, don’t go away. Shut the windows don’t let it go. It’s hard isn’t it. I found 3 books that may help.

 3 books on habit building

Hooked by Nir Eyal. This book is about how companies are cashing in with their constant attention grabbing products.

In this over distracted economy companies are constantly looking for ways not only to attract users but to keep them hooked for as long as they can.

Have you ever found yourself scrolling an app, without consciously thinking about it? Companies change consumers behaviours with questionable methods. But here you can get an idea of what’s going on behind the scenes. You can use the same methods for your advantage.

The book unveils the circle users go to finally convert. You have the trigger, action, variable reward, investment and the mechanism starts all over.

So the question is how do we create healthy habits?

A super refreshing analysis of what it takes to build an habit and how we can hack our brain to stick to  healthy ones.

The Art of Habit Building by Dan Stevens another book that talks about good habits.

Stevens says ” almost everything we do is done in autopilot”. The brain takes shortcuts that are familiar to produce the same results over and over. Habits  relate to a “setting”.

So to change or break an habit we have to change how we think about it and its settings.

The book gives a series of tools to drop old habits and bring new ones. Sounded advice “Write down your idea to make it attainable”.

S.U.M.O Shut up and Move on by Paul McGee.  I was drawn by he title what a great name!  McGee basically tells  to take responsibility for your life and move on.

The book was first published in 2005 the second edition has been updated with  extra comments by the author. McGee tells to focus on the positive, be resourceful and open to the possibilities.

He says there are 7 factors that will improve your life-reflection, recovery, responsibility, resilience, relationships, resourcefulness and reality. ” all crucial to achieve success “.


Building a habit takes a considerably amount of time an effort. You’ve to really want to change old patterns. The good news it’s possible. We only need to focus and as McGee says move on.

Are you struggling to build good healthy habits?

Have you read  any of these books? let me know what you think. I really hope it helps.


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