Best Instagram feeds from around the world

Best Instagram feeds

Instagram is the darling of social media or we could say is the best visual tool for artists.

It doesn’t have all the unnecessary updates of other platforms . Not useless layers, not crowded feeds, not annoying invitations. Instagram is simple and practical. This is why visual artists have turned to Instagram to showcase their work.

There are many different things you can do with Instagram. Do you want people to discover your work? you have to post every day the experts say.  Besides, you can connect with other artists in the same field. You can take over a big publication feed for 10 days, and you can use hashtags to get more visibility.

The square format is beautiful, there are several  filters to give those pics the look you want. And yes Instagram is the place to discover and get discovered.

I’m in the process of getting my work more visible, if you are in the same boat welcome!

Don’t know where to get some inspiration, have a look at these feeds from around the world.

Feature Shoot

Best Instagram Feeds

Is a great place to discover new talent. Feature Shoot supports up coming  and established photographers. They have started  in 2008 and have grown into a big photo community.

You can submit images using their hashtag or you can send 4 to 5  photographs to be considered for their online publication. The editor in chief/ founder is based in Sydney, Australia.

Aperture Foundation:

Best Instagram feeds

This is the feed of a photo institution with loads of educational resources, events,workshops, books and plenty of resources to get inspired. Founded in New York to showcase work from famous and not so famous photographers.

Here you’ll discover all times talent and newish artists. Pics are so diverse, these guys are one step further in the world of photography, you can tell they are all in when we talk visual art.


Saner Edgar

Best Instagram feeds

Saner is a street artist from Mexico. He combines folkloric images with his own characters. His feed is  a colourful  reference to Mexico history.

His porfolio is going to spark your imagination. Saner is well known in the graffiti international circuit. If you go to Mexico city you can see his big murals, adorning the city. Saner combines traditional and modern techniques like no one.


John Ed De Vera

Best Instagram feeds

A creator from Philippines, he delights his public with his original creations.

John draws with paper, making super detailed  portraits. He has worked for several brands and has an extensive portfolio. His paper portrays are so beautifully crafted that you wonder how he manages to take every detail into account.


Elisa Macellari

Best Instagram Feeds

Italian illustrator based in Milan you’ll develop a craving for more images. There is something mystical about them. She makes children’s book covers, posters and editorial graphics.

Elisa mixes fantastic characters with humans shapes. Weird animals keep swimming along her feed. Her bright compositions tell about her never- ending creativity.


Ben Newman

Best Instagram feeds

British Illustrator, speaker and children books lover. He has a long term project with a scientist friend on a book series Astro Cat, you can check it online.

Ben has produced work for the BBC, Tate Modern, the New Yorker among other publications. When he is not busy freelancing he is developing super eye catchy  projects. Not doubt you’ll love Astro Cat’s intergalactic adventures.


Alex Donne- Johnson

Best Instagram feeds

He is creative director and designer at Dazzle Ship a London based agency working in all media forms. This feed has kind of weird/surreal videos,  3D animations and mind blowing photography.

His agency provides services for brands. The idea is to create unique experiences for users, you’ll get the idea when you see his work.


Ksenia Sazanovich

Best Instagram feeds

Russian photographer, traveller and nature lover this how she describes herself. And we can see she loves nature, her feed shows wild Russian landscapes and starry nights.

Beautiful and captivating this photographer love wander around her native Siberia. Ksenia also has models walking barefoot on the forest or laying on the wilderness. You can read the message we’re all part of nature.


Trishagni Naik

Best Instagram Feeds

Graphic designer based in Mumbai, India. Her colourful drawings are full of life.

We love her vibrant cartoons and her desire to experiment with different styles and typography. Her feed is like wonderland.


Andreas M Hansen

Best Instagram feeds

Designer, painter and typography lover from Denmark. His brushes on white canvas tell stories.

Andreas has developed a love for monochromatic lines and shapes. Plus, his Instagram feed shows typical danish streets and interiors. You’ll want to come back for more.


These are few examples of what is going on in the world of visuals. Of course there are far too many feeds  displaying brilliant work.

Are you starting out? start with something simple, something silly, show it to the world, don’t be scare, no one was born Picasso no even Picasso himself.