Anti Social Media Behaviour

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Who can deny mobile phones are a hybrid between humans and technology.

The future is here. At least for me.

Each time I need something, is there at my finger tips.

A new app saved the time I wasted opening the laptop and tried to figure out something in Google. The world around was moving faster than ever. Nothing was stopping me of adding the latest weather app to my collection of useless/useful interactive platforms.

The closer I got into this infinite universe of possibilities the more I distanced myself from the people I love. As my social media followers increased, my circle of real friends was vanishing almost at the same pace. The funny thing is I knew I have to stop, but why pulling the plug out just when I got another super interesting platform to dive in?

This addiction reached ridiculous levels few months ago, when I would check my feed right before go to sleep and right after waking up. The amount of time spent on social networks if put into good use would have given me an extra set of skills. Needless to say more real friends.

I had the perfect excuse I need it for my work. In order to get more exposure, gain clients, connect with colleagues, have something to entertain myself in a queue or to pretend I’m busy when waiting outside the services. The mobile phone was an extension of my body.

But what is the limit? I reached my limit, it was crude, it was painful, it was shocking, It was sad. I was missing out so much for the sake of the connections, the stats and the followers.

Ironically, most of my work came as a word of mouth and not my online connections.

While I think is good to have a social media presence, specially if you’re a freelance, there is nothing wrong with cutting down your time online. No-one is going to die from that.

I don’t think anyone will miss you more than the real people around.

Followers come and go, who cares. Go and get fresh air, talk to your neighbour, have a laugh with your boyfriend, send that intimidating driver to hell before your next exit, tell the parking attendant writing the next ticket that the driver is coming even though you have not idea who that is, ask the guy at the corner shop how is he today, have fun.

Explore your anti social media behaviour.